Paint protection film helps prevent damage to your car's paint by cushioning projectiles like rocks and other hazardous debris. Left unprotected, these damages can greatly depreciate the value of your automobile. 

AdvancedTechnology Self-Healing

This unique material was originally invented during the Gulf War to protect helicopter blades from premature wear in the desert environment. As this technology progressed, advancements such as scratch resistance, adhesive stability and clarity have made it more functional and durable for everyday vehicles.

The latest breakthrough even includes a floating elastemeric topcoat that actually heals itself and can make light abrasions actually dissappear, making it more functional and forgiving than the original paint surface.  'Self Healing' is the product's unique ability to repair topical, surface scratches.


A patented process allows the floating topcoat to separate and re-attach itself. This process, known as 'Self Healing' and has been perfected by the manufacturers that supply ChipBra paint protection film. Additionally, ChipBra is further treated with a ceramic overlay to insure many years of lasting protection.

Product does not require heat to self heal. 

xpel clear bra paint protection film

Our paint protection 'Chip Bra' installers have the highest level of experience in the industry. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and cleanliness which is reflected in the high quality workmanship we produce.

In addition to our rigorous standards, all installers are required to attend continuos training courses provided by the manufacturer to insure they are up to date on the current installation techniques.

Installers are also trained to work with the latest start of the art computerized cutting, design and pattern template equipment. Computer generated precut patterns eliminate the potential for vehicle damage and allow for a professional and consistent installation.


All One Armor installations use precut, computer generated patterns that match each automobile's specific contours and curves. 

New PaintSafe patterns greatly reduce the risk of vehicle damage due to 'hand' or 'bulk' cutting, which can easily create irreparable harm to the painted surface. 

ChipBra One Armor PPF Xpel
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ChipBra paint protection packages


ChipBra is able to fit every need and budget with precut kits that provide a barrier from road debris, rock chips and surface abrasions. Our most popular packags are the PRO and TOURING series. 

Important things to remember:

Not recommended for vehicles with existing damage or excessive chips. ChipBra does not hide existing damages, only helps prevent more.

Patterns commonly include small gaps and relief cuts to insure proper fitment.

Installation should only be by Authorized Installers in a preapproved facility.  

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Chris West, One Armor, Xpel, PPF

Chris West is considered the best Paint Protection Film (ChipBra / clear bra) Installer in America. A native to Anchorage Alaska, Chris began his professional journey as an Engineer and was swayed to the Automotive Aftermarket business through his love of cars. 

He has traveled the World for Xpel and other Manufacturer's doing installations on some of the most important and iconic vehciles. As a 5 (five) time National Champion in the Industry's highest rated competitions, there is no comparrisson to his talent, skill and passion.

Chris has now relocated and joined One Armor as the Managing Partner and Lead Trainer in our main facility in North Scottsdale, Arizona. One Armor is the largest window tinting and Chipbra clear bra installation company in America. 

Hugh Casiano, Chris West, Kenny Kelly, Xpel, One Armor
From Left to Right
Kenny Kelly - GM Partner
Chis West - Partner 
Hugh Casiano - Owner
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