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Solar control window tinting prevents fade and deterioration of furnishings and fabrics while keeping your home or building cooler. Additionally, when properly applied, these products can also lower utility bills and reduce annoying glare creating a cost effective barrier from the sun.  

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the nano spectrum

how it's made

A polyester base provides the foundation for laminates of alloys and special metals that reflect heat, glare and ultra violet rays away from glass. Although darker materials are available for glare reduction, most films layer the metals in such a way that they are virtually clear and low in relfectance.

The metal-coated polyester surface is then layered with a high tech, UV treated adhesive which bonds the material to the glass. When professionally applied, this material will provide many years of undetectable protection.

The material comes in various size rolls that require trimming to fit each individual glass panel. Once applied, the glass and tinting combination reflect heat and absorb harmful UV rays.

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the damaging effects of ultra violet light

Ultra Violet (UV) rays are by far the most harmful and damaging rays emmitted from the sun. Although the ozone provides the most protection, UV is still a major cause of damage to furnishings and fabrics in a home or building and a major cause of certain types of cancer in humans. UV is broken down into three seperate and very different categories, A, B and C. 

UV-C is primarily blocked by the ozone and not much of a concern for now.

UV-B penetrates the ozone layer and is the part of the UV spectrum that can

cause sunburn and immediate damage. However, UV-B is blocked by glass and

other clear enclosures.  

UV-A has long been misinterpreted as the most modest of these rays, but

most recently has been determined to be just as harmful and dangerous as

it's counterparts. Because of it's ability to travel through glass and skin, the

UV-A rays can penetrate the surface of objects and people creating damage

from within. Not only can it deterorate fabrics, but it can even damge hard

surfaces such as wood and laminates. UV-A has also been known to permeate

the surface of human skin giving seed to premature aging and carcenogenic


By nature, window films block over 99% of all UV Rays and is recommended by several foundations including the ASID (the American Society of Interior Designers) and the Skin Cancer Foundation.    

causes of fading

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