The most comfortable windshield you will ever experience... FREE With Replacement 

We offer a premium experience in glass replacement with Solar Treated UV & Heat Blocking  Windshields

Offered at no additional charge to you or your insurance company 

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Reduces Heat   Virtually Clear   Increases Comfort   Prevents Interior Damage   FREE with Windshield Replacement

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Nano Ceramic Heat Rejection:

In the Visible Light Spectrum, the Infra-red (IR) light generates heat, which causes discomfort to the driver & passengers and damages to your vehicle's interior. The solar treatment applied in the installation of your replacement windshield 'spectrally select' the IR rays. This advanced Nano Ceramic Spectrally Selective technology is virtually clear and reduces the overall heat. 

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UV Protection:

The UV blocking solar treatments applied during the installation of your replacement windshield is an effective recommendation by the Skin Cancer Foundation because of it's protective properties.  Exposure to  UV (Ultra Violet Radiation) has been linked to various types of Skin Cancer.

Solar Treated Windshields block approximately 99% of the UV Rays.   

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Windshield treatments and coatings may be regulated by local government regulations. Although coatings are legal in some states, windshield treatment laws vary from state to state. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to verify the legality of these treatments prior to having them installed on the vehicle. 1 Armor Glass, LLC. and it's affiliates take no responsibility  for damage and/or harm as a result of this application.

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